Charelle Beautifying Aromatics is the ultimate in skin care. Inspired and designed to synthesize  the best of Eastern and  Western healing, Charelle skin care products bring out the best in you. Naturally.

Charelle Beautifying Aromatic products contain the finest quality aromatic essential oils derived from natural, chemical free sources, which beautify, enhance and the repair the skin while they energize, balance and relax the spirit.

Developed by Dr. Pnina Farkas, Dermatologist and Sima Herzfeld Navon, Holistic healer and Aromatherapist. Charelle products reflect their decades of experience caring for the needs of the modern woman. Pnina and Sima believe that when a woman feels happy, energetic and balanced, she radiates beauty and positive energy.

Charelle- look as good as you feel and feel as good as you look. 




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Our Mission

To Provide women with a high quality, all natural cosmetic product that uses aromatherapy oils to provide inner balace and tranquility


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Our Values

Our products are sourced from renewable, organic, green enviornments.  Our human resources  provides jobs for the handicapped. Our belief that Judea and Samaria is the homeland of the Jewish people, inspired us to establish our company in the Judean mountains, despite pressure from BDS groups.

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Our Solution

 A line of products that are
all natural
chemical free
PBF free
Include plant and floral essences
Mood enhancing and uplifting
Provide balance and clarity

Charelle Beautifying Aromatics makes a Difference

Keep your skin happy

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Who we are

Dr. Pnina Farkas, cosmetic dermatologist, with over twenty years of experience in caring for the needs of the modern woman, joined with Sima Herzfeld Navon, holistic healer and aromatherapist, to create a line of, all natural, chemical free, PFB free, products, which include essential oils, from plants and flowers, as well as the use of unrefined base oils. The use of the natural beauty which exists in this world, translates into the a product which will bring out your own natural beauty and shine.  The Charelle products brings forth your inner beauty and allows you to glow.

Charelle products are

  • anti-aging
  • all natural
  • chemical free
  • PBF free
  • Use plant and floral essences
  • Balance you from within
  • Mood enhancing

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