The Path to Wellness Women need to nurture themselves more

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In the recent decades, women have begun to fall victim to  what used to be "men's diseases"- high blood pressure and heart disease.  Conventional medicine understands that this is largely related to the increased stress that women are under as they are more successful in the workplace and are placed under the extreme demands of professional life. As a woman who has felt the increase in these demands and stresses, I have recognized the importance of maintaining balance in my life. Balancing my  time and mental and spiritual energy between work and family, husband and  children, my needs and the needs of everyone else has become a vital component in my path to wellness.

The Charelle products grew out of this awareness and working on their development has sharpened my efforts to turn this philosophy to reality. I truly believe that the serums work to make my skin look more vibrant and youthful, but whats even more powerful to me is the appreciation that I need to treat my mind and soul and not just my skin and body. When I apply the morning serum, I acknowledge to myself that I have a day ahead that demands 200  percent from me and that  I need to take  the moment to nurture myself. The energizing and empowering aromatherapy makes my brain more efficient and balances my hormones and emotions. And with the evening serum, I relax my brain  from the nonstop chatter of work and family so that I can let go of the crazy day and have a nourishing, restful sleep.

Sima and I share a vision of sharing these products  with all of you amazing, powerful, creative, mothering women so that we can harness the magic of feminine energy and make our world the best that it can be. 

Why Go Natural

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After spending years, learning to clean out chemicals and additives from my kitchen, it only stood to reason that I should do the same with my cosmetic products.  How can someone exercise, eat healthy, believe in good health, and then completely ignore what they apply to the body’s largest organ of the body, the skin?  

Take a look at the ingredient list of any of your cosmetic products, how many of those ingredients are natural? How many of the ingredients can you recognise? How many of the ingredients can you even pronounce?  Exactly, maybe three, and one of them is usually water, or as commonly labeled, “aqua”.  Is this a good thing?  No, not really.

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