Golden Glow, The Fountain of Youth

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The benefit of our products is in their being age based.  The majority of products on the market focus on skin types, while our company focuses on the person.  By using aromatic essential oils, we look to achieve balance within the person, knowing and trusting that this is the true way to achieve beauty.

The Golden Glow line was created for women over the age of 50 who are oestrogen depleted.

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Bria Glow, the Very Beginning

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The aromatherpaist and the natural healer in me was frustrated.  What is the point of eating healthy when I wind up shmearing chemicals and artificial products all over my face and body.  The time had come for me to create my own moisturizers.  

Thus the Bria Glow line was created by me, for me.  I was a woman aged 42, registering slight hormonal changes, with the beginning of wrinkles forming around my lips, eyes and, forehead.  Using the essential oils to achieve balance, as well as many of the naturally anti-aging oils, I createad a product that was amazing.

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The Creation of Visage Exfoliating Gel

Sandro Botticelli Birth of Venus Uffizi photo illustration for The Creton of Visiage Exfoliating CreamThe inspiration for Visage Exfoliating Gel happened, while I was vacationing on the beach.  After spending hours frolicking in the Medittereanean Sea, I thought to myself, my skin is so soft and lovely, wouldn't it be great if it felt like this all the time?

And so like the birth of Venus, the godess of love and beauty, created on a wavelet rising up from the sea, Visage Exfoliating Gel was born.  

Based on the healing properties of the sea, it combines the elements of water, salt, and sea plants.  While the gel base can stand alone as a powerful product, the aromatherapist in me could not but help to add the addition of healing botanicals of the earth.  So, I continued to create, blending in the oils of lemon, eucalyptus, and palma rosa, to cleanse, balance, regenerate, and revive the skin.

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